***See below for details for either Moncord Premier Services or Moncord Insider Services Program***

Please See “Moncord Premier Services” under Services Tab. This is what will be provided.

Mutual Contract to Close: $425

  • Verify All Documentation

  • Adoption and integration of brokerage office backend system(s) (DotLoop, Skyslope, etc.)

  • Personalized Marketing Communication

  • Online Systems for Tracking All Elements of Transactions

  • Systematized Communication With Buyers & Sellers

  • Key Milestone Tracking and Monitoring

  • Brokerage Compliance Paperwork Submission

  • And more...detailed below and to be discussed during initial consultation

We are all about giving you back time to focus on what matters most. Here is a more detailed list of what we do that gets you back to Revenue Generating Activities!

Initial File Set Up

Verify all elements of contract (signatures, attached addenda, etc.)

Coordinate earnest money pickup, if representing buyer

Prepare Purchase Sale Agreement Summary (PSA)

Account Manager intro with fully executed mutual and PSA summary communicated with

  • Escrow

  • Selling or Listing Broker

  • Lender

Confirm with all parties home inspection, resale cert and HOA docs have been ordered (if applicable), septic inspection (if applicable) and confirm earnest money (EM) receipt copy.

Account Manager intro with fully executed mutual, timeline, what to expect next.

  • Our Client we are representing (Seller or Buyer)

Office Compliance and Commission Disbursement prep for Office Manager(s)

Calendar all timelines within online project management system

Client agent receives access to our online and mobile project management tool for comprehensive up to date information, communication, and progress of the transaction

Follow Up and Next Steps

Send EM receipt to all parties once received and respective offices for compliance

If representing Buyer Agent, Coordination Specialist to communicate with seller that home inspection has been scheduled

Send inspection/repair response top all applicable parties

  • Email Client next steps

  • Communicate to lender

  • Request for appraisal to be ordered unless otherwise noted

  • Commission Disbursement (CD) adjustment if necessary

Send resale certificate/septic docs/any additional addenda to buyer, lender, escrow, listing agent, when applicable

Submit all additional documentation to office for Compliance

Confirm appraisal has been ordered

Confirm appraisal has been received

  • If no issues with appraisal, communicate to all parties

Confirm repairs have been completed by seller if applicable

  • Collect and distribute invoices (repair invoices) if applicable

Weekly check-in with selling agent, escrow and lender to confirm everything is on track

Final Countdown Communication

5 business days before closing, verify all is on track

Communicate key coordination with Agents

Reminder of final walk through by buyer to all parties

Confirm signing appointments have been scheduled

Confirm with lender that closing disclosures have been signed

Communicate to seller and buyer once docs have been released

Day of closing, notify our clients docs have been sent out to record

Post Sales

Obtain Final HUD and send with executed documents to buyer or seller, whomever we represent

Add calendar reminder one year out of closing for our agent to follow up with client on 1st anniversary

Please See “Moncord Insider Program Services” under Services Tab. This is what will be provided.

What we provide on Transaction Coordination Basic Services for all Subscriptions

Thoroughly review and double check mutual agreed contracts

Produce a custom branded summary sheet with your logo that will outline all of the deadlines associated with the contract and provide a directory of all the contacts involved in the transaction: (Buyer, Seller, Escrow, Lender, etc.)

Open escrow on mutual contracts

Coordinate EM Deposit (Fill out intake form to let us know where to coordinate)

Weekly Checkpoint communication to help you understand next steps on contracts as they come up

Daily reminders sent via email to give updates on Contract milestone/task due dates and if applicable, add these deadlines to your calendar if applicable

Send buyer and/or seller the utility contact info and the www.Updater.com invitation.

At the end of file, send copy of your contracts and collect the final settlement statement from escrow.

For all inquires about our transaction coordination service, please fill out our contact form.