Why Moncord Allows Lisa More Freedom and Less Worry

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Lisa Serratos-McGregor

Synergy Properties-Keller Williams Realty Federal Way

Lisa Serratos-McGregor

“Well that’s a good story, I had a partner in the last two years that was using Lisa at Moncord previously and told me all the great things that they do. I did not believe until I’d seen it and started working with them and I’ve been able to give them all of my transactions this year. I have been able to save a lot of money due to not having another employee expense, they’ve done a great job just keeping all of my deals together, great communication, and a great platform. I would say the previous listing coordinator that they had that worked with them, she was just on the ball at all times. I think she over-worked! I always felt like she actually worked for me directly just because she was so on top of communication and just getting things done and very detailed. I would tell people that it’s just a great resource in your real estate business to keep things organized. You’ll have less calls from clients because they’re informed, they know what’s going on. It’s a very nice platform again to be able to go back to, to have all your paperwork in line, and everything is uploaded so if you ever have any issues you can just go back in and grab access to it. Regarding building my business and more time, I would say just because I trust them now, it took time to build that trust to have different coordinator than I originally started with and so it took like a month to get stabilized with that. But at the end of the day I trust her, she’s always doing things with a smile, she’s again very on top of everything and it’s been able to allow me more freedom and less worry.”

- Lisa Serratos-McGregor

Why Molly Says Moncord Is the Best at What They Do

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Molly Haines

Keller Williams Realty

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"I was referred to them by a colleague of mine who had already started working with them. And they have been helping for a few months now, maybe six, basically do everything after I get the house pending. They just take it from there to closing. I was just in Mexico on vacation and Lisa was extremely helpful. I think she did quite a few things that would not be considered her job so I appreciated that a lot. Very helpful, always available, and they always say yes. I have referred them to a few people and I just tell them that you need to work with a transaction coordinator and if you're going to do that then you need to work with them because they are the best. Taking everything from pending and taking it all the way through saves tons of time for me. I don't have to go in and do small documents back and forth, or contact the escrow company, or contact the other sides lender. It saves me a ton of time in making those phone calls or making those documents, so it is a great value for me." 

- Molly Haines

Why Jodie Feels Moncord Does Everything They Promise, Plus More

Jodie Weir

Weir Real Estate Group at Owner/REALTOR

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“I started with Moncord, we had an operations manager who ended up leaving the team so we were in a place where we really needed to make sure that files that were in progress, those clients were being contacted. I put a post on Facebook and there were a few different people that had referred Moncord. So I met with Lisa along with a few other transaction coordinators and the thing that I really loved about her was, one, adorable! But she’s just a nice and caring human and we were going through a transition of our team and all the other transaction coordinators I went to gave me a list and said, that’s it! Where Lisa was like, okay you’re in a transition period, we want to be a part of your team, we’re here to help. The way that she presented the different things that they did and also with her background of experience of being a lead buyer specialist. Everything that they do, I feel like they do everything they promise to do plus more and they are always on top of it. I do refer them a ton. I would just tell them that they absolutely need to use them because they will make their life so much simpler. They can trust them and know that they are putting their clients and files in good hands. What they do takes on hundreds of hours that I would be doing. Just really being able to rely on them and trust them to know that what needs to be done is going to be done and not have to worry about that all the time. And also you know, doing the different projects that they are doing with each file and doing addendums, talking to clients, talking to other agents all of that kind of stuff. All the day-to-day tasks of what needs to be done to facilitate a transaction—they do. That frees me up to hopefully get more deals.” 

- Jodie Weir

How Moncord Allows Lloyd to Focus on Higher Return Activities


Lloyd Ball

President/Managing Broker at Anomaly Commercial

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“I heard about the idea from Alex that he was going to launch a business. And I had known that his wife had already been in this space for a long time so I was excited to work with them from a commercial perspective. This was about a year ago and it’s been a great partnership ever since. It seems like their service level is above and beyond because I’ve had other commercial brokers compliment me on how fancy our system is because as soon as something goes into contract there’s this barrage of emails that goes to all the stake holders in the deal letting them know when time lines are and when XYZ is due, that escrow is set up and it just works. It all comes together very nicely. That said, it’s just constant above and beyond compared to what I’ve seen in the past. And I’ve been in real estate for 16 years so I’ve seen a lot of it. Specifically for commercial people that I work with all the time, I kinda don’t want them to have Moncord! No, I’m just kidding. I would say that it really gives you an edge, it allows you to focus on the higher return activities instead of working on transaction management, which is crucial and it’s very important because any deal can fall apart if the key people kind of take a back seat and they don’t drive the deal. I would say it makes you more productive. For people in my position most of the time they don’t like paperwork and they’d rather be in the field talking to people and looking at property and analyzing its highest and best use. So I’d say it’s going to make you a better real estate professional. I don’t have to worry that I’m going to miss a date, I don’t have to keep going back and looking at the contract and figuring out all those things that are key and crucial to keep me out of trouble but also keep the deal moving forward. First of all, it’s a stress reliever and then second of all it makes me look like I’m bringing a team to the table that’s professional. I do have a team but not on that side of the business and now if feel more complete and it gives me a sense of pride and confidence. Lastly, it’s freed up my time to not have to focus on those details and it’s allowed me to continue to prospect and focus on revenue driving activities.“

- Lloyd Ball