Lead Well...5 Areas Great Leaders Master

By Amanda Creter

     Whether you are just beginning your journey into Leadership, or whether you have been leading a team for a while now, a great leader strives to set themselves apart from the rest. These leaders attract and retain the best talent. But what is it about the great leaders out there that makes them stand out from the rest? And how do you take yourself, and your business to the next level where great leaders reside? Here are 5 areas they have come to master that set them apart from the crowd.

Made to Inspire: All of the great leaders are able to inspire their people. They have a goal in mind, a vision they want to bring to fruition, and they convey that vision to those linked to them in such a way that they see it too. The ability to inspire your staff with the same fire and passion you have, will make it easier to achieve those dreams. Many working towards the same goal that believe in it as well is the foundation of success.

Great Communicators: You may know exactly what your goal is and how you need to go about achieving it. But if you can’t effectively communicate it to your team, how are they supposed to know the direction you want them to be taking? You may think you are communicating effectively, but that isn’t always the case. If tasks are being completed the way you envisioned them being done, then you may have already mastered the ability to communicate successfully. If you think they may be having a hard time understanding what you are communicating, be frank and ask them. If you can’t communicate your vision, then you can’t inspire your people.

Know When and How to Delegate: If you have mastered inspiring and communicating with your team, then it’s time to delegate the workload. Your entire operation will run more smoothly if you can hand out tasks to your team and know that you have been able to communicate how you want them done, and they see your vision clearly enough to execute those tasks without needing to be micromanaged or having their hand held. Great leaders are not afraid to take risks by allowing their team the chance to shine. “At Lucasfilm, superboss George Lucas trusted his team to define the characters, set designs, and sounds of the original Star Wars movie. He didn’t micromanage. But he did check in periodically and personally to test employees’ inventions against his vision. Because he was so clear about what really mattered — his vision — he could more easily cede control over all else” Harvard Business Review

Stay Flexible: Sometimes, aspects of your vision may not be attainable. Instead of stubbornly sticking to your plan that isn’t working, be open minded to other ideas. Tweaking parts of your business or plan that isn’t working doesn’t mean admitting failure. It’s knowing when it’s time to be flexible so that you can succeed. FUBU CEO Daymond John said “One of the biggest myths is that good business leaders are great visionaries with dogged determination to stick to their goals no matter what. It’s nonsense. The truth is, leaders need to keep an open mind while being flexible, and adjust if necessary. When in the startup phase of a company, planning is highly overrated and goals are not static. Your commitment should be to invest, develop and maintain great relationships.”

Keep it Positive: Things are going to go wrong. Show me one example of a business or team that has had smooth sailing every step of the way? Chances are you can’t, it’s not the way life works. You will have set backs, and when that happens, you will have a team looking to you to show them the way. Lead them by example. It’s how you handle the downs that will set you apart. Keeping your employees positive is essential to productivity. So if this means the occasional office treat (like bringing lunch in), or taking everyone out one Friday a month, do it. A happy team is a healthy team, and if you go out of your way to stay positive and spread that positivity, they will notice.

     Leverage the attributes you currently have that Great Leaders are known for and work on those that need attention to get you to the next level of leadership. You, your employees, and your business will be happy you did. 

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Real Estate Agent Productivity Hacks and Tools: Here are just a few, what are you using?

By Amanda Creter and Alex Mont-Ros

     We’ve used the saying “time is money” before. In a busy real estate market, truer words have never been spoken. To be as successful as possible, a Real Estate Agent must learn to maximize their time and become as productive as humanely possible. The most successful agents don’t waste a single minute of their day. They have mapped out and organized their business so it is a lean, mean, well-oiled machine. To take your business to the next level, you must do the same. Here are some hacks to help get you started.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

     The number one tool at an Agents disposal is that of a CRM System. If you are not using one, then you need to seriously take a look at how you are running your business. From our experience, the majority of business an agent receives is through word of mouth and on a referral basis. This is why top Real Estate Agents will ask often and strategically throughout a transaction if their client has any referrals, usually at set points throughout the transaction. These leads need to be tracked and managed so the business can have a line of sight on where the potential next transactions will be coming from. With regards to referrals and timing of when to ask for them, The Real Estate Trainer mentions, “always bring up the topic at the listing consultation, after successful open house, after an offer is accepted, after inspection repairs are completed, after a home appraises, at closing, and after many other steps in the typical transaction are completed.” For these new leads that will come from asking for referrals, a CRM is a must. If you already have a CRM and it’s working for you, stick with it. If you have yet to REALLY incorporate a CRM into your business here are a few you can try free.

·         Streak – If you already use Gmail and find it easy to navigate, check out their FREE CRM tool. They even have an option specifically for Real Estate Agents

·         Hubspot – Hubspot offers both a free trial and a full program upgrade. This one is more like a traditional CRM, and for anyone who may have past experience using them, you may find this one more user friendly than others. The coolest feature I enjoy about this one, the ability to track when someone opens an email. For marketing campaigns this is a great feature as it ties right into your email allowing you to get instant notifications and increasing your ability to convert leads.

·         Brivity – A CRM created by Top Real Estate Agent Ben Kinney. This CRM takes your business to the next level by increasing the effectiveness of customer service and marketing tactics and strategies. It is also a fantastic and effective Time Management Tool as well. Ben Kinney is well known in the industry and this tool was built by agents for agents. Highly recommended!!

These are just a few of the CRM options available to you. No matter which system you choose, we highly recommend FULLY implementing one if you want to grow your business!

Project Management and Collaboration Tools

     One way to stay on top of your business is by using a Project Management and Collaboration Tools. There are many out there to choose from. Here are just a some we recommend:

·         idonethis.com

·         Trello

·         Asana

·         Groupme

·         Slack

     These all have free versions and are easy to use. I really enjoy using idonethis as it allows you to keep track of tasks, reminding you and your team of what was accomplished the day before. It then keeps those tasks that were not complete on the list until further notice, updating you at a set time every day through email notification that you can control. Pretty cool, super simple, and highly recommended.

     Most of these tools allow you to input every aspect of your project(s), assign tasks to team members to be completed, input deadlines, create check lists (that can then be assigned to different team members), among many other features. And it is all in one easy to use interface. Keep track of your day and what your team members are doing so that everyone stays on track and is maximizing their productivity.

Transaction Coordination Services

     We have discussed in the past how having a Transaction Coordinator or Transaction Coordination System in place will save you valuable time you could be spending networking and growing your business! Contracting your Real Estate Transactions out to a qualified team will increase productivity, assist in bringing in new business, and improve customer service. This can also have the added effect of increasing how often clients refer you out. Remember, transaction management can take up to 10-20 hours per transaction. As an agent, if you are coordinating transactions, you are missing out on executing against revenue generating activities. Delegating is what leaders of a business do to go above and beyond, and transaction coordination should be on your list of the next set of activities that you stop doing and start delegating.

Tracking Your Time

     A key step in understanding how to increase your productivity is by being aware of how and what you are spending your time on. You may think you are using your time each day, week, or month to the fullest, and maybe you are, but using a program that will track what you are spending your time on will show you if you need to refocus your energy on other tasks. These are some great tools for teams who have admin or staff working on key projects for the business as well as keeping track of your own time as a business leader or owner as well.

·         TimeDoctor – TimeDoctor is an app that can be placed on all of your devices, such as phone and computer. It will track what you are doing during the day (example: how much time spent on social media, emails, research) and will give you a daily, weekly and monthly break down. You can review the reports and be aware of areas you are or are not spending enough time in.

·         Hubstaff – Similar to TimeDoctor and allows you to track your activity daily, weekly, and monthly as well. Another feature that couple be a bonus is that you can add your team onto the account and see how productive they are as well. This will help your entire team with Time Management.

     These are only a few hacks to help increase productivity and time management. There are many options and variations out there at your disposal, and any number of them can make all the difference. Try out a few different programs and tools to implement, get a feel for what is right for you and your team, and customize your routine from there. Once you are organized and maximizing your time to run more efficiently, you should see a growth in your business! 

If you know of any other great hacks or tools to increase productivity, please share with us by commenting below!


Are you giving Agents a competitive advantage? Some Real Estate Agents may not think so.

By Alex Mont-Ros and Amanda Creter

As a Real Estate Team Leader or Operator of a Real Estate Firm, what do you do to set yourself apart from other teams and agencies? Do you offer anything to your team that sets you apart? If you aren’t differentiating yourself, why would an Agent choose to join your team or office instead of another down the street?

    It’s a competitive market, and it’s not easy to draw in new talent if you aren’t offering them a differentiator between yourself and the competition.  Options like hands on training and lead generation are great, but many other Real Estate Team Leaders are already doing that as well.  Why not try offering something unique that saves your Real Estate Team valuable time, and allows them to focus on what they should be focusing on; generating new business?

   That’s where offering a Transaction Coordination Program comes in.  Larger agencies are offering this service to attract agents, and it’s working!  Real Estate Agents didn’t choose this career path to focus the bulk of their time on paperwork, follow-up, and monitoring.  They want to drive new business.  They can’t do that from a desk while managing calls, emails, texts and other correspondence on multiple files all at once, and not to mention maintaining their client base and likely their sanity.  Offering a “game changing” service benefit like Transaction Management adds hours back into each working day and sets you apart, and will have agents lining up to join your team.  When their clients can correspond directly with the Transaction Coordinator for specific updates, and your agent(s) don’t have to stop what they are doing constantly to manage and coordinate the transaction that is already mutual, Real Estate Agents will see the value in you and what you have to offer.

              “When building my Team, I had to look at what I would have wanted or needed to better my business practice, and allow me to do what I did best – benefit my clients.  What I realized was that real estate sales people are typically great at one of two things: highly effective human interaction, or precision business management; however, very rarely are we as agents “great” at both.  Transaction Management was a natural plug & play asset for my Team as we grew.  Moncord handles the details, while we go out and make dreams come true for our clients!” Justin W. Richards, Keller Williams Realty, Bellevue WA (Follow him on Facebook)

    Besides helping you differentiate yourself in a saturated market, implementing a Transaction Coordination System for your team helps YOU.  Most Team Leaders without a Transaction Coordinator don’t have the ability to monitor their team’s transactions while in processes.  Without the ability to oversee and regulate what their team is doing, they are unable to help or steer their team in the right direction for success.  Adopting a Transaction Coordination Program will help you facilitate smooth transactions for your Agents, and will help you standardize a process company wide.  How does this make a difference?  This helps you keep track more efficiently of what is taking place with your team’s transactions, and consolidates everything in an effort to make it seamless and ensure your team is running as smoothly as possible.

That’s the type of team that will attract new talent and continue to grow.


***Justin W. Richards | ALC Board Member | Keller Williams Realty – Bellevue, WA

Team Size: 7 | Estimated 2016 Transaction Volume: 125+ sides / $50 Million+

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Real Estate Agents...How much is your time worth?

Earlier this year, we had a real estate agent come to us inquiring on what exactly do we do as transaction coordinators? The interesting aspect of the question was who it was coming from. This particular real estate agent was tenured, which surprised us a bit. There was an assumption made that he would have known the functions and value provided by using a transaction coordinator, but we were mistaken on making this assumption, hence why we felt the need to write this and provide a description and better understanding of the roll of a transaction coordinator, and the time they help give back to the real estate agents they serve.

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Moncord Has Arrived!

Below is our recent press release announcing the launch of our company. We were excited to get our message out to over 500 distribution channels and spread the word about the good work we are doing with the brokers we serve.

Moncord Real Estate Professional Services has just launched in Greater Seattle to make life easier for real estate brokers by offering seasoned listing coordination, transaction coordination & strategic consulting.

Bellevue, WA – 25 Apr, 2016 – Real estate transactions imply dealing with massive paperwork that make life too hectic for the brokers. But all that is to change now for Greater Seattle brokers as new transaction coordination service company Moncord Real Estate Professional Services has promised to make life easier for brokers with its coordination services by seasoned real estate professionals.

The company was launched on April 20, 2016.

“We are happy to announce the launch of our new company Moncord Real Estate Professional Services which aims to lessen the burden for real estate brokers with leading transaction coordination assistance that has been missing in the market. This is to ensure they get the desired time to focus on what matters most to them. Backed by enormous experience in the industry, we promise you seasoned help, dedicated to premium services & strategic consulting,” stated a leading spokesperson from the company while announcing the launch.

“Since last year, we have been helping brokers close more than 100 million dollars in property transactions,” she added further.

Moncord is an endeavor by leading real estate pros Lisa Mont-Ros & Alex Mont-Ros. An experienced broker and industry leader, Lisa was dubbed as “Rookie of the Year” & sold over 60 homes in less than 2 years. Along with many industry designations, she also holds a BA in Business Administration and is Head of Operations for Moncord.

Alex is Moncord’s Head of Marketing and Strategy and carries an extensive background in sales, corporate leadership, and management. He started his successful real estate career in 2003 and earned key industry designations throughout the years. He holds a BA in Business Management.

Added to real estate brokers, Moncord also helps FSBOs & investors.

Speaking on their transaction coordination services, the spokesperson assured a comprehensive assistance for the brokers from mutual contract to close.

“We will help you with all kinds of related document verification, personalized communication in marketing, online tracking of transactions, tracking & monitoring of key milestones, submission of brokerage compliance documents, quarterly reviews of your business and more.”

The company also offers listing coordination services under Basic & Premium packages, starting from listing to close. A senior official from the firm stressed extensive help with ensuring listings hit the market smoothly.

“To further help brokers, we provide strategic consulting services included with our coordination services,” added in the senior official. Moncord believes strategic consulting services is a perfect value add considering the story transaction data tells about each broker they work with.

“Our proven consulting framework will help our clients make the right choices and emerge as the leader in their target market. We are here to take brokers to the winning edge.”